Women around the Messenger
Women around the Messenger

Women around the Messenger

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This is the ‘women’s lib’ age as the West prefers to term it. But is it true? Is it not a lip-service age turning women practically to ‘dolls’ or something like dolls in the real life?

Women entering the fold of Islam played an enviable prominent role, side by side their counterparts, men, in shaping and developing the Muslim society as a model from the onset, emancipating humanity, men and women, from the shackles of deep-rooted ignorance. Women in Islam have a very special price, status and dignity unknown to mankind before or after.

The life sketched of the early female believers in this books, stand as a beacon and outstanding models for the so-called ‘weaker sex’ and call for the revival of the pristine lofty high position of women in the society once again.

This work is an attempt at dispelling any misconception by bringing into focus, biographies of the first generation of Muslim women and the important role they played in the overall development of their society, right from the beginning.

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