Umar Ibn Al-Khattb His Life & Times

Umar Ibn Al-Khattb His Life & Times

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Umar Ibn Al Khattab رضی الله عنهُ  His Life & Times 2 Volume We are living in the tumultuous times, but they are no less tumultuous than the era of Umar ibn Al Khattab, whose lifebegin in Jahiliyah and ended in the Golden Age if Islam.

We can lean much from the history of this second caliph of Islam, who was faced with unprecedented challenges but met them successfully within the framework of shariah and in accordance with the true spirit of Islam For those who would be leaders, this book offers the model of an ideal Muslim leader, one who felt responsible before Allah for the well being of all those under his rule, including his troops, women, infants, non-Muslim subjects and even animals. Umar was a "hands on" leader who kept himself informed and consulted scholars and experts before every major decision For the rest of us, this book offers a window into an exciting and important period of Islamic history, and it also reminds of an important lesson, that our strength comes not from wealth or money or status, but from our submission to Allah and our commitment to the path of Islam.

2 volumes

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