The Key to the Abode of Peace

The Key to the Abode of Peace

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By Hâfidz Ibn Ahmed Ibn Ali Al Hâkami Died 1377A.H.

And what compiles this Tawheed is a simple word that is easy to pronounce, but vast in its meaning and tremendous in its extent. It is the phrase “Lâ Ilâha Illa Allâh” which means: “There is no deity that has the right to be worshiped, but Allâh”. It is the phrase of testimony and the key to the home of happiness. It is the foundation of this religion and its basis. It is the most important factor of this religion, the trunk of its tree and the pillar of its canopy, the rest of the pillars and obligations that erupt from it are its branches and its complements that are confined with adhering to its meaning [the testimony] and applying its prerequisites.

This book also, comprises of a small worksheet on the topic of the two testimonies of Islam to help the reader with his or her comprehension of this small but valuable work of the noble scholar. This book is an excellent read for the new Muslim, as well as for the family and those who want to review this subject matter

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