Talbees E Iblees Urdu
Talbees e Iblees Urdu

Talbees e Iblees Urdu

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Talbees e Iblees by Imam Ibn e Qayyim Al-Jozia is one of the most prestigious works in terms of its subject matter. The author has divided his book into different chapters and has covered various important topics in thirteen chapters. The importance of adopting fidelity is highlighted and the second chapter gives a full description of the various groups of bid'ah and bid'ah such as Mu'tazilites, Kharijites, Marjahs, etc. as well as the Righteous Caliphate - similarly how Satan misled man. Talking about this, Satan has divided the various tricks of Satan into different chapters according to different people - for example, how Satan creates or mixes according to different religions, in order to promote false beliefs in the minds of people. How Satan whispers, how he uses tactics to mislead scholars, and how he uses tactics to mislead the public 

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