Shagaf al Ward

Shagaf al Ward

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A stunning 100ml bottle, topped with a crystal-like cap and a provocative black tassel. At first spray it’s a sweet fruity floral which reminds me of a cross between Amouage’s ‘Blossom Love’ and ‘Love Tuberose’. Ultra feminine, sweet pink florals with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

It’s officially described as a “floral fantasy” which “speaks of lush gardens, golden days and dreams which yearn to be lived.” It’s very pink, flouncy, slightly cloying and I feel it contains peony and vanilla. This is your huge pink, puffy meringue ball-gown fragrance.

TOP – Jasmine, Osmanthus, May Rose

MIDDLE – Indian Tuberose, Narcissus

BASE – Amber, Cedar

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