Ramadan Made Simple

Ramadan Made Simple

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This is a very nicely put together compact handy booklet on the month of Fasting. In full color printing with a pull-out chart in the back.

With its colorful professional design, it serves both the purpose learning the basic of fasting as well as a handy gift item for teens and people at your workplace.

– The Spirit of Ramadan
– Sighting the Moon of Ramadan
– The Blessings of Ramadan
– Preparing for Ramadan
– Prohibitions during Ramadan
– Ramadan and Piety
– Ramadan and Moral Discipline
– The Essence of Ramadan – Self Control and Patience
– Generating an Environment of Moral Rectification
– Ramadan – Training in Frugality
– Pre-dawn Meal – Sahur
– Breaking the Fast – Iftar
– Special Night Prayers – Tarawih
– Retreat to a Mosque – I’tikaf
– The Night of Destiny – Lailatul Qadr
– The Ramadan Charity – Zakat al-Fitr
– The Prescribed Charity – Zakat
– The Day of the Feast – Id ul-Fitr
– Fasting – Training in Humility
– Awakening of the Feeling of Gratefulness
– Building a Reservoir of Fortitude
– Denying the Body to Elevate the Spirit
– The Month of Sympathy
– Abstinence: the Spirit of Ramadan
– The Month of Supplication
– Ramadan and Health
– After Ramadan: What Next?
– Fasting at Times Other than Ramadan
– Those Exempted from Fasting
– Prayers – duas

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