Mishkaat Al-Masaabih

Mishkaat Al-Masaabih

  • £55.00

English translation and detailed commentary of the famous Hadith compilation (including Arabic text of each hadith) compiled by Imam Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Al-Khateeb Al-Tabrezi. The commentary is taken from Mazahir-e-Haq (Manifestations of Truth), a well known and authentic commentary originally written in the Urdu language.

This set conatins 6294 hadith over 5 volumes. English rendering by Rafiq Abdur Rahman.

[*] Author(s): Shaykh Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Al-Khateeb Al-Tabrezi/Shaykh Nawab Qutbuddin Khan Dehlavi
[*] Publisher: Darul-Ishaat
[*] Cover: Hardback
[*] Pages: 4277

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