Leasing (Ijarah) Process In Islamic Banking

Leasing (Ijarah) Process In Islamic Banking System

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Dr. Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Samadani, a learned scholar of Jamea Darul Uloom Karachi, and an author of several valuable books, selected the field of Islamic Banking System for this literary pursuit. He has compiled valuable books on the subject and tried his best to remove misconception with regard to the working of Islamic Banking System His recent treatise namely: "The Leasing (Ijarah) Process in Islamic Banking System" is the one the series. This is very useful book and will be of special interest for different classes of the civil society. It will prove to be specially beneficial for: 1. Students of Religious Seminaries and equally students commerce and Islamic Banking System. 2. The Officials of Islamic Banks who have an earnest desire to act according to the principles of Shariah (so that the may succeed in this world and in the life Hereafter) and to provide an impetus to the newly established system. 3. People who are unaware with the details of the subject and raise certain objections and think the system to be unlawful according to Shariah.

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