Islam in todays world

Islam in todays world

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The following book began as a part of what is now a collection, translated as "Discourses on Individual Spiritual Perfection" - Islaahi Khutbaat.

The collection of addresses and sermons was a compendium of assorted subjects in Islam, like elementary deeds, rights of Allah and of fellow men, current Issues, disagreements within families, prayers and good manners as taught by the Prophet, mutual relations and a host of other topics.

In short, the compendium invites the reader to adorn themselves with good manners and to cure themselves of spiritual maladies.

The publisher is honored to publish the various volumes from the collection, with each subject or allied subjects in separate book-form to permit greater benefit to students and seekers of specific information.

The following title from the collection looks into some of the modern issues the world faces with Islam, and what Islam must also face. The major theories of the day such as Secularism are analysed along with other contemporary issues.

The reader is presented with Islamic principles along with modern ideals, followed by an explanation of the Islamic theory and it may or may not be compatible in some aspect.

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