Ideal Mother

Ideal Mother

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It is recommended for every woman to read it through...whether a woman is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, plan to be a parent or already having children of her own to become acquainted with basic principles of raising a child to be taught in Islamic norms...
Islam has brought only what is good for humanity and a woman is cherished and blessed to be a (biological or non-biological mother)
I think this is a valuable piece of literature for us women...
my advice make yourself highlighted notes while reading it will help you remember some significant points once you want to go back and skim through the book.
It especially caught my eye the part of the text about education.
As I come from Bosnia which has a very convoluted administrative system. In my country there is currently a transformation of institutions for children without parental care...we need to truly do more as individuals and societies to prevent separation i.e. reintegrate children with their biological parents.
We need to work more for social protection and access to basic protection....It is critical being present locally as individuals (volunteer, dedicate some of our time)..
As much as education in this country is a Pandoras box, in essence education is more universal than the right to education of ethnic groups....
So my advice ladies: find some time over tea or juice, relax in your garden, in the park on the balcony and read The Ideal Mother:)


The intention is of paramount importance.
Remember that you do not represent a single entity any more....
With a little bit of caution on your part, your child will in The future become healthy, smart, with a lot of understanding and godly.
Regardless of adversity, avoid depression at any cost, maintain an optimistic view of life and of yourself reject sadness and depression.

Intelligent is a woman who, despite her problems learn how to keep yourself, your husband and children happy. She smiles and makes you and others smile.

Always keep in mind that every problem in the world in the end has some form of reward.

Never omit Muslim sisters in prayers. Learn and pray for them as well as for non-Muslims.
When a person starts to gossip about someone all the good deeds transit to the person who is being gossiped.

A smile is the key to all doors of love.

The soul is related to the mind, the mind is an ally of the brain, and the brain is linked to heart.

The simplest way of refraining from gossip is to avoid both good and bad stories about anyone.

Devotion by woman during pregnancy and breast-feeding her child leaves the mark of devotion on her child.

Try to forget all his past sorrows. Build dreams and be of joyful spirit.

The situation in which is a mother during pregnancy, and even her mind and perceptions have profound effects on the unborn child.

Islam does not distinguish male and female children and wants us to be fair and treat everyone equally .
"Be just because it is the nearest Takvaluk"

Pretensions in favor of male children have nothing to do with faith.

Every Muslim should welcome tiny guests in this world with open arms. Never think that a child is cause an accident or unnecessary burden.

If you have, spend and in other case, be patient. Avoid debt as it destroys man. Do not take on debt.

The execution of daily duties is worship.

Eternal Lord predestined what would belong to every soul, what is for each fitting.

Be thankful and appreciate your spiritual progress.

Develop the habit of children to get independent.

Pray that Allah svt gives you a life of piety.

The most important requirement is that parents observe Prayer.

Firmly hold the rope of Allah svt. And He will turn every defeat into victory.

They/children will be bestowed upon the peace in the performance of duties.

Mother's lap is the first and most important child`s school. Children growing up begins right here.

It is widely accepted that children are not born with good or bad morals but they are brought up that way.

Be wary of any form of impurities.

Any permanent measures of birth control except in cases permitted by shari'a is not allowed and is considered haram.

Allah svt has taken it upon Himself to feed the world. Birth control is an interference with the Divine System Planning.

Mother should avoid fear in children at any cost. Fears can ruin your whole life.

Yearn for anything is a bad habit and the root of many other sins.

If the mother laughs child will laugh.

Forgive to all before you go to sleep.

Once you determine the cause of the problem you will be able to remove it.

For all requires the effort. Suffer a few days of trial in this world and you will witness all the fruits of your patience and the reward of the Hereafter is boundless.

Most innocuous/hamrless apathy can hardly influence the life of a child and his behavior in the future.

Make from your homes places of madrassas and spiritual elevation.

Always at the forefront put the power of Allah svt.

When children grow up will always remember the way their mother taught them beautiful morality and behavior.

Let excite you to think that you are the essential link in the life of a Muslim child.

Endure all so that upbringing of the child would not suffer.

The greatest right of all children is a good education and proper upbringing to ensure that the child has good manners and morals.

Keep children away from bad company because it is the cause of every evil.

Remember that the environment in which the child lives will determine the behavior of the child. A habit that develops in childhood remain in the child a lifetime.

Child`s heart can be shaped like wax.

We must by all means stay away from negligence.

In mothers hands is the creation or destruction of a child.

Attitudes of children are the result of parental style of upbringing rather than a reflection of a child's character.

All mankind, animals and plants and everything else created is subject to the laws of nature. Allah svt. law is such that it never was and never will be subject to changing. The law which established by Allah svt. is best for our own good.

Children are the nation's capital.

They are a guarantee of future progress and increasing the nation and the advancement of the nation can only be ensured if there is a good foundation for generations to come.

The first teacher of the child is educational institution where he spent most of his time.

If the children's good deeds are not appreciated kids will feel hesitation and be discouraged and their enthusiasm will be weakened.

Many people either because of ignorance or bad-temper not only do not congratulate children on their good works, but they destroy the spirit of doing good.
Such people believe that their critical attitude will eternally positively impact on children's future efforts, but such an approach is completely wrong.

Stingy and tactless are those people who greatly raise their children with incessant complaints and reproaches.

The mother must remember that she creates a leader.

Remedy for limitations and mental weakness is knowledge. The rust that forms in the brain can only be removed by education, never underestimate the power of education.

Including the wisdom and tact point the child in the direction of education.
Do not abandon hope and not leave children's education.

Always ask your child for the reason for his behavior.

The house must be residence in which there is no room for gloom and melancholy.

The atmosphere of success, discipline, correct relations, authority and joy is a necessary component of every household.

The way people perceive Allah svt such He will appear to them.

Ingratitude is the fate of those who have drifted away from the faith or became overcome with greed for the wealth of this world

In girls develop the habit of getting up early. All this is of vital Importance for their own good health.

Iman transform weakness into strength, intimidation in prowess, avarice in generosity, impatience to patience, and satisfaction with what Allah svt ordered.

All of your energies should be directed into enabling children a decent and holistic education. In this respect, at least, do not hesitate.

We should hope that Allah svt. will not reject sincere prayers coming from the depths of parental heart.

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