Bukhoor Safeer al Oud

Bukhoor Safeer al Oud

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Bukhoor Safeer al Ou is a beautiful gentle oriental fragrance with aromatic woody fresh spicy herbal patchouli. Safeer al Oud combines precious Oudh with notes of rose and wood. The opening head notes of Safeer Al Oud are Oudh, Roses and Spicy Saffron The Gujrun balm, sandalwood and patchouli follow in the heart note. A base of incense, oudh, cedar and gayac wood completes the fragrance. An elegant and oriental masculine fragrance with a special emphasis on woody fragrances.

Top Notes: Oud, rose, saffron

Middle Notes: Gurjum, sandalwood, patchouli

Base Notes: Incense,agarwood, Cedarwood, Gaiaic wood


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