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ahlam al arab night
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Ahlam al Arab

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Ahlam Al Arab Original: A soft, fresh citrus fruit fruity. The initial notes of the bright fragrant peach and white grapes play and sparkle against the background of lemon peel and fragrant, fresh lime.Jawad Al Layl Silver is a noble, very elegant and refined unisex perfume, issued in 2018 by the famous Arab brand Khalis Perfumes. The aroma combines the classic traditions of east and west in perfumery. Dressed in a seemingly simple bottle, the fragrance is bright and flawless in sound.

Ahlam Al Arab Intense: Is a fresh men's fragrance with aqua, citrus and smoky notes. The top note is full of fresh energy with bergamot and marine notes. Fresh floral notes of geranium are exuded in the middle note. Rosemary and sage add pleasant spicy notes.

Ahlam Al Arab Blue Water (Ma'a Al Zarqaa) long lasting fragrance and fruity smell.

Ahlam Al Arab Night: A sensual fragrance of citrus, fruit, floral, sweet and woody notes that transform in its every layer to keep things exciting. The striking royal azure bottle is hard to miss with its grand colour. It is the perfect perfume for women in its scent and appearance.

All bottles comes in a beautiful gift box and are all 60ml

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