A Walk Through the Noble Quran
A Walk Through the Noble Quran
A Walk Through the Noble Quran

A Walk Through the Noble Quran

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A Walk Through the Noble Qur'ān is a simple, modern translation and verse-by-verse commentary of the Noble Qur'ān.

The book is written with the modern audience in mind, adapting a literary style of writing that engages the reader, yet discusses the Tafsīr of the Noble Qur'ān in relevant depth, covering the context of each verse, the Sīrah of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, and a brief insight into the Arabic used by Allāh in the Noble Qur'ān. 

One unique feature of this book is its focus on the lessons we can learn from the Noble Qur'ān. The book groups together verses into chapters. Each chapter begins with a background of the upcoming verses, followed by the verses with their explanations, and then a summary of the lessons we can learn from the section. The book aims to give the reader an appreciation of the miraculous comprehensive nature of the Noble Qur'ān, and how relevant it is to our everyday life. 

The book is ideal for:

  • Teaching Tafsīrin Madrasahs;
  • Delivering Durūsin Masjids;
  • Scholars and students of the sacred sciences;
  • Taʿlīmat home;
  • Studying the Noble Qur'ān for beginners too.

About the author

Waqar Gulam Dastaguir is a graduate of the ʿĀlimīyyah Studies from Jameʿah ʿUloomul Qur'ān, Leicester, and currently teaches at an Islamic school and Dārul ‘Ulūm in Leicester.


Despite such depth, the book is extremely easy to follow and even the very difficult concepts have been explained in a very simple easy-to-understand manner in modern English.

Mu’allim Ejaz Nurmamod – Islamic School Teacher

A momentous, unique and, what could in Sha Allah become, transformative work in understanding the Noble Qur’an for the modern generation.

Mawlana Muhammed Rafiq, Lecturer of Islamic and Secular Sciences

The author’s ability to consistently highlight the style of the Qur’an allows the reader to grasp a better understating of the nature of the Qur’an and answers many questions that are often raised.

Mawlana Bilal Ibrahim, Lecturer of Islamic and Secular Sciences

One unique feature this work holds is an abridgement of the commentary presented as lessons to take away. It has been a great source of pleasure to wade through this commentary.

Mawlana Huzaifa Saleh, Founder of Siblings of Ilm

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