Wild Forest Honey

Wild Forest Honey

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Pure, raw, and unfiltered wild forest honey sourced from the lush mountains of Romania. Because of its rich content and unique taste, wild forest honey is largely considered luxury honey.

Raw wild forest honey by Nature’s Blends is produced by honeybees that feed on the pollen of sweet wildflowers, trees, and herbs on the rolling hills of Romania. Each jar speaks volumes about the expert beekeeping and honey harvest skills of our local partners.

Since raw wild forest honey is honeydew honey, it contains a variety of nutrients and compounds with antioxidant properties. It also has a higher mineral content compared to conventional honey. It is best to use it in raw form because processing it can reduce its natural potency.

Opening a jar of wild forest honey would take you straight to the forest. From the woody and warm aroma to the hints of moss and wild nectar, from the smooth sweet taste to the floral aftertaste, everything would remind you of quiet and serene woodlands. 

Size: 340 g

Color: Light to Deep Amber (May vary depending on the batch and season)

Texture: Slightly thick

Sweetness: Medium

Natural Acidity: Weak

Here are some of the main health benefits of wild forest honey:

  • Strengthens the body - because raw wild forest honey is packed with many varieties of vitamins and minerals, it nourishes the body and keeps you healthy
  • Combats fatigue - contains all-natural balanced sugar that sustains energy levels throughout the day
  • Relieves sore throat - forms a protective layer over irritated throat lining and alleviates some of the discomfort caused by flu, cold, and cough because of its anti-septic properties
  • Anti-bacterial - Research shows that raw honey has anti-bacterial properties, a spoonful of raw forest honey may help combat infections and gastric problems caused by bacteria
  • Improves skin health - raw wild forest honey is a wonderful healing agent. Apply to wounds, sores, and sunburns to speed up recovery or add in your face mask to treat acne, slow down aging or hydrate the skin

A healthy sweetener - wild forest honey is moderately sweet and does not contain any high or artificial sugar. Use as a healthy alternative to sugar

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