Tas-heelul Ahaadeeth 4

Tas-heelul Ahaadeeth 4

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A series of books dealing with Fiqh, according to the Hanafi school of thought. As well as covering the traditional aspects of Fiqh such as Taharah, Salaah, Zakat etc.

This authentic, comprehensive, and well-paced curriculum was produced by the education board of Jamiatul Ulama, Transvaal, South Africa. The 70 year old organization has put the education of Muslim children as one of its top priorities.

We are not aware of any other textbook package that can even come close to these books in clarity, authenticity, breath of coverage, and suitability for the children. The books on Akhlaq and Adab cover Islamic morals, manners, and etiquettes in such a manner that they can go a long way in inculcating good morals and manners in the children.

A series of Hadeeth explaining young children in Arabic and English meaning with authentic source. Colourful illustrations for easy understanding.  Simple yet effective and can easily be memorised.

While all material is good, the one on history is exceptional. It is lucid, focused, and well presented. Even difficult subjects like the earlier internecine wars have been handled expertly. In fact, while these books are meant for young Muslims, they could be of tremendous benefit to the adults also.

We enthusiastically recommend that these books be used in the full time Islamic Schools, weekend schools, as well as Islamic home-schools.

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