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Oudy (35ml)

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Perfume Oudy Eau de Parfum by Al Rehab Vaporisateur/Spray is a powerful, oriental-male perfume with a focus on Indian agarwood(Oudh) and tobacco.

Kostus root and white musk form the opening in Oudy.

Oudh, tobacco and neroli in the heart note make expressive statements.

The base of Oudh and broom also remains strong in expression.

An excellent woody oriental perfume without any floral scents, radiating pure masculinity.

Main accords: Oudh, tobacco, fresh spicy, sweet

        Top notes                    Middle notes                        Base notes


costus, white musk


tobacco, neroli, Oudh


Oudh, broom

• Suitable for: men

• Content: 35ml

• Manufacturer: Al Rehab

• Bottle with spray nozzle

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