Premium extra virgin olive oil

Premium extra virgin olive oil

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Our oil is characterised by an integrated production. It is a methodology of farming techniques that fulfils consumer requirements (total quality of the product, food safety and total traceability) while respecting the environment (conservation of the ground and saving of water) and by involving all of the people concerned in the production of an oil of prestige: the farmer and his team, operators of the oil mill, and the bottler.

The olives used to create this Olive Oil are harvested at the end of September-beginning of October - just when the olives are changing colours and ready to give away their wonders. Our olive oil is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil with <0.2% acidity and a unique taste. The optimal soil conditions, pure water, high density of trees, high quality olives alongside the unique climate of the Atlas Mountains is responsible for the unique ultra-premium oil. 

We have seen olive oil marketed as either Extra Virgin, Virgin, or Light. Each variant is extremely different and some may even have added ingredients that can be potentially harmful to health. Everyone wants high quality products where natural elements are preserved, not compromised. Let’s breakdown the most common variants:

Extra Virgin: The way olive oil is classified as “extra virgin” is by cold-pressing ripe olives. This method involves only cold pressing once in order to maintain its freshness and natural elements. No added heat, chemicals, ingredients, or preservatives that destroy the amazing nutrients found in olive oil. The colour of the olive oil is also a deeper golden colour which signifies the ripeness of the olives and its quality.

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