Palestine : Yesterday, today, and Tomorrow

Palestine : Yesterday, today, and Tomorrow

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This book is a brief overview of the long and turbulent history of Palestine, from its dawn to the present day. It is a chronological sequence of events to demonstrate the significance of the "Holy Land," one of the territories over which much blood has been split throughout history.

This well-documented reference book is the result of four years of research by the author. It contains more than 1000 pictures that support and graphically illustrate the text. Numerous statistics substantiate the problems that persist in the area, prompting a reflection on possible solutions.

In addition ot this succinct chronicle of Palestine's most relevant historical events, which have also impacted the whole Middle East, the author shares his impressions and viewpoints of the past, present and future of Palestine.

This book is an invitation for all of us to participate in the process of establishing the justice and peace that is deserved by all the people of Palestine.

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