Gods gentle Artistry

Gods gentle Artistry

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Almost every newborn creature is weak and helpless, unaware of the dangers that surround it. It is very unlikely that it could survive and grow on its own. From the moment it is born it will always have adults nearby to feed it, protect it from danger and, if necessary, sacrifice their own lives for it.

Another wonder is how cute all young animals. Babies of most species usually have big eyes and round faces; and an expression that we humans interpret as innocent, helpless, and bewildered. Also, their behavior makes them loveable and awakens in us the instinct to protect them.

These qualities in young animals are manifestations of God’s gentle artistry (gentle in this sense also includes the ideas of “lovable,” “friendly,” “tame” and “docile”). This book documents the tenderness that creatures have for their young and some features of young animals.

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