Chestnut Honey

Chestnut Honey

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At Nature’s Blends, we obtain our Raw Chestnut Honey from sunny gardens nestled in the lap of Mount Pelion in northern Greece. The scenic Pelion ranges were named after Peleus, the father of Achilles and are said to be home to the Centaurs.

Chestnut honey is rich forest honey packed with antioxidants, pollen content, minerals, and tannin. It also contains beneficial compounds that have major rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its unique content, this raw herbal honey heals, nurtures, and strengthens the body from within - and tastes amazing while at it!

The complex, distinctive, and mouthwateringly delicious taste makes raw chestnut honey the perfect choice for healthy salads, meat dishes, roasted vegetables and a wide variety of cheeses and desserts.

Raw chestnut honey has two species, one light-colored from the flower and one dark amber color from the seed. The darker the honey is, the richer its taste. Let’s look at this honey and its unique health benefits in detail


Size: 340 G

Colour: Light or Dark Amber

Texture: Thick

Sweetness: Low to Savoury

Here are the main benefits of raw chestnut honey:

  • Effective anti-bacterial - chestnut honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a potent antimicrobial that eliminates bacteria and fungi
  • Anti-allergic - unprocessed or raw chestnut honey is high in pollen content. According to studies, pollen inhibits white blood cells from releasing histamine. This immunomodulating response reduces the discomfort associated with allergies.
  • Reduces inflammation - polyphenols and other potent antioxidants present in this herbal honey aid in cell repair and reduce inflammation
  • Relieves sore throat - because of its low moisture content and thick texture, a spoonful of chestnut honey can soothe your throat, lower irritation, and offer relief during cold and cough
  • Aids digestion - the viscous honey improves digestion by forming a protective layer over the stomach lining
  • Improves skin health - tannin present in chestnut honey is a natural astringent that makes your skin smooth, soft, and supple. The antibacterial properties of chestnut honey can prevent acne breakouts.

Combat fatigue - raw chestnut honey contains fructose, a natural sugar, and a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals. It’s the perfect source of energy for times you are tired.

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