Arabic Alphabets Flashcards

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Author: Abu-Saalihah bin Ayyub

A fun way to learn the Arabic alphabet with Tajweed

Children have a tremendous capacity for studying, especially during their first six years when they look to learn at every opportunity, even through play. These new flashcards are an excellent way to satisfy this natural curiosity. The first of their kind available, they use innovative graphics and vibrant colours to make the learning process fun, while also providing a solid grasp of the intricacies of the Arabic alphabet.

Each card features one letter: the reverse side provides details information about that letter, including a transliteration, the Makhraj (articulation) and sifat (qualities). the cards are also colour coded, with letters sharing the same Makhraj grouped together for easier learning.

Unique and in vibrant colours, Behind each letter is its makhraj (origin of pronunciation) and sifat (quality). Letters with the same makhraj and colour coded accordingly. This way of learning is proven to be effective for building basic skills and reinforcing learning. These Flashcards can be used at school/madrasah or at home.

  • Durable (printed on 400 gsm coated paper)
  • Wipe-clean cards
  • Transliteration of each letter
  • Sifat (quality) and Makhraj (origin of pronunciation) of each letter
  • Set of thirty five cards

Suitable for children aged 2 years and above

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