Apple quran toy

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Children's Learning Device in the shape of an Apple. Holy Quran MachineA great way for children to learn Duas, surahs from the Quran and prayers. Includes:- 26 Every day Duas- 16 Surah from the Holy Quran- How to make Morning Prayer- 6 Children's Nasheeds- 4 Kind of ProjectionsIncludes strap to loop around neck or wrist. Includes full product manual in English and Arabic. On/Off button in the back. Bright and colourful, this is sure to be a hit with children!For ages 3 + Requires 3x AAA batteries
Size: 9 × 9.5 × 3.5 (CM) 
Product Fuction: Daily Duaa, AL-Quran, Prayer, Anashid, Projection 
Battery: 3 pcs of AAA batteries (not included) 
Function Detail: 
Daily Duaa(26): 
1. Duaa when you wake up 
2. Duaa before entering the toliet 
3. Duaa after leaving the toliet 
4. Duaa after making wudu 
5. Duaa in the morning 
6. Duaa for eating 
7. Duaa for salat al-Janazah 
8. Duaa when wearing the clothes 
9. Duaa for leaving the home 
10. Duaa for entering the masjid 
11. Duaa when leaving the masjid 
12. Duaa when riding a transport 
13. The greetings when Muslim meet 
14. Duaa when visiting the patien 
15. Duaa when sneezing 
16. Duaa after klatch 
17. Duaa when raining 
18. Duaa in body pain 
19. Duaa when vistion the graves 
20. Duaa whe seeing those who get disease and disaster 
21. Duaa for thanking the peope 
22. Duaa for fasting 
23. Duaa when breaking the fast 
24. Duaa when entering house 
25. Duaa at evening 
26. Duaa when sleeping 
1. At-Tariq 
2. Al-Balad 
3. Ash-Shams 
4. Al-Layl 
5. Ad-Duhaa 
6. Ash-Sharh 
7. At-Tin 
8. Al-Alaq 
9. Al-Qadr 
10. Al-Bayyinah 
11. Az-Zalzalah 
12. Al-Adiyat 
13. Al-Qariah(The Striking Hour) 
14. Al-Takathur(The Piling Up) 
15. Al-Asr(The Time) 
16. Al-Humazah(The Slanderer) 
17. Al-Fil(The Elephant) 
18. Quranish(The Quraish) 
19. Al-Maun(Small Kindness) 
20. Al-Kauthar(A River in Paradise) 
21. Al-Kafirun(The Disbellievers) 
22. An-Nasr(The Help) 
23. Al-Massad(The Palm Fibre) 
24. Al-Ikhlas(The Sincerity) 
25. Al-Falaq(The Daybreak) 
26. An-Nas(The Mankind) 
Prayer Duaas: 
1. The ceed of the oneness of Allah 
2. The word of testimony 
3. Adzan(call to pray) 
4. Morning prayer 
1. Thank the parents 
2. Love Allah and love the messenger 
3. Ramadan is coming 
4. The full moon rose 
5. The ceed of the oneness of Allah 
6. Alphabet 
Looks beautiful in the dark when pressed 

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