A 82T Folding comb

  • £6.85

The A 82T is a fantastic folding comb perfect for those who have grown their beard out to a strong level. It is handmade and high quality. Use when out and about living your life. Handmade in the UK.

This particular comb is 200mm long overall, and so can be stashed easily in a handy wash bag or pocket. It’s fine-toothed, and thus ideal for precisely tuning your haircut. What’s more, it can be easily folded back, preventing any stray crumbs, dust, or pieces of detritus from dirtying the spaces between the teeth. As a consequence, your comb will last longer, and it won’t dirty your hair every time you come to use it.

If you find that you’re often travelling, the right comb is sure to be an incredibly useful servant. But even if you don’t intend to take your comb outside of your bathroom, this one makes a fantastic candidate. If you need to get your hair into order, you’ll be able to rely on it!


  • PERFECT POCKET COMB - 4" or 192mm, All Fine Teeth - Travel Size Portable Beard, Mustache, and Hair Comb For On-The-Go Grooming, Styling, and Detangling
  • NO SNAGS - Cut From Large Sheets of Cellulose Acetate Rather Than Moulded, Producing a Truly Gentle Comb Whereas Moulded Combs Often Snag and Damage Hair
  • SOFT ON SKIN - Has Rounded Teeth Which Ensure a Smooth and Comfortable Brush Every Time
  • NATURAL OILS - This Comb Distributes The Natural Oils in The Skin and Beard and Ensures A Well-Treated Beard or Mustache

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